Need of the Hour

As I walk down the lane, I see the men leeching at me, stalking another and harassing the other. This has been happening, this is happening and by the look of it, this will be happening. But why?

While our country has earned name as a land for worshiping goddesses, some are still not sure if their daughters need to be educated. What kind of hypocrisy are we heading towards? As a baby is born, she might be abandoned mercilessly and left to die, else prior to this event by the practice of female infanticides. There is so much of moral imbalance that needs to be sorted through.

A “complex issue” to begin with is a women’s access to education. This will partially cover a sphere of shortcoming concern of poverty and the problem related to gender equality. By means of equality we need to think of social equality and justice. These roots back to the base of the “complex issue” that needs to be addressed. This reminds me of the proverb- “educate women and educate the nation.” Education is a key to live an independent life. We need to educate a woman for her to live a self-reliant and a life of her own will and wish. It’s time we overcome the stereotype affair that a women’s dependency is under a man’s thumb. This point is baseless and immature. The same relates to education of any person.

Think this to yourself. Educating a woman means adding income to family. Adding income to the family is the mediated way to improve one’s standard of living. Why does it seem like a man’s ego is hurt if a woman’s status is elevated? Why can’t people let go their audacity and accept that women are as good as men? It’s time we head for a change. Educating a woman will make her independent and strong. It will help her deal with and overcome any kind situation in her life. We need to teach every growing mind that compromise is not always a solution to any problem. May it be men or women.

While we talk of women education, we can take a glance at women achievers. Kalpana Chawla, Sudha Murthy and Sunitha Williams are the names that strike my mind. Many to name but the point is we should take inspiration from such dynamos and hold on to our dreams. By the end of it, all I have to say here is respect women to respect the nation. Not generalising it, but some really need to.



Mahatma Gandhi dreamt about “Ram Rajya”, so do we? To achieve such a society today, each one should contribute to uphold the constitution by adhering to certain duties. The key for a change lies in the fundamental duties that one has to perform. Many to name, but to begin with; the very first duty of a citizen is to show his/her gratitude, loyalty and patriotism to his/her motherland. A citizen must be ready to serve the nation at the time of crisis and show his gratitude to the nation by rendering his services for educating the poor, helping the needful and should be present for any kind of voluntary service when called upon to do so.

When it comes to duties that one has to perform, we as citizens need to realize the power of voting. Our honesty and judicious conscience adds to build an able government. This is a religious practice that one has to follow as voting for a wrong person might lead to a bad government. Voting is the right of an individual and the need of the government.This way of bestowing the franchise is a way to enhance the society. Another duty we can think of is participation of an individual or his/her public spirit in the society. Any individual should participate to the good will of the society without thinking about their own self interest alone and should encourage their mate’s participation as well. All able bodied people should work to add to the social welfare and outgrow their field. This will help in generating the income to the nation and also help in fixing the vague idea that floats in the minds of the public about the government of their nation.

We cannot survive in a society without law; social, economical and political. Justice in all these areas is essential pertaining to the development of the society. Most of us would accept that legal apparatus is necessary in modern society. One should go about this apparatus by appealing to the court and to stick by the laws. To follow the rules and regulations is a impeccable way to devote ourselves to the development of the society.

Like people say, be the change you want to see. We first need to address the problem within ourselves to find a solution to it. Dependency on the government will be show cased upon by how we decide to handle it. We should create more opportunities among-st ourselves and encourage self employment. People should change their stereotype idea of settling with the metropolitan and think of aiding the rural. One can outgrow the idea of hold fast to the metro-line business and instead put their inputs to a field that they can really contribute too.

Another vital and one of the most important duties that one has to perform is payment of taxes. Any country’s status is decided by its economical condition. This can be pursued only if we make it a point to pay tax regularly and religiously. Taxes are paid by the sweat of every laborer but this is how revenue is deemed in a nation. When it comes to paying off the right tax at the right time, it is also our duty to amend the government and follow up the right to information in a democratic society. Right to information involves the very fact that the government is answerable to the public in a democracy. Well, this should remind us of the saying by Abraham Lincoln “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.”

How can you respect the country, when you don’t respect the national anthem? The most important fundamental duty of one is to respect, honor and guard the country’s heritage. We should respect our national flag, national anthem and all of that articulates link with the nation. By means, we should have respect and regards for everybody’s views and should never deprive anyone of the same. 

When we talk of duties, the most vital of all could be that a responsible citizen should involve himself in helping the needful women and children. After all, our country is known for the respect and honor of a woman. Any act or thoughts against the integrity of a woman should be dealt with severely. This is certainly a way to improve the nation and put an end to the ills of the society. As Abraham Lincoln said “ask not what your country has done for you, but ask what you have done for your country.” So let us be the agents of change after all Rome wasn’t built in a day!